These essentials will surely make your time at the beach more enjoyable!

A few steps in planning your beach vacation can prove both a cost and time savings, according to

  1. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

Since skin cancer is on the rise, we know to come home with seashells, not sunburns! The older we get, the more exposure to the sun, which means a higher likelihood of skin problems. And kids’ skin is delicate, so it should be protected regardless of complexion. (See our blog post on ‘Best Sunscreens Rated by Good Housekeeping’).

2.    2. First aid kit

Besides sunscreen, it’s good to be prepared for other small ailments and injuries. At we supply a first aid kit in every unit for your use.

  1. Beach Towels

Bring more than you think you’ll need. We like to have a small towel just for drying off and another for laying in the sand.

  1. Snacks

You can never have too many snacks at the beach. Kids run around a ton so they work up an appetite. Bite size snacks in ziplock bags work well. If you decide to pack sandwiches, cut them into quarters. This way if one piece falls, there is still plenty left.

  1. Water Bottles

Save money and keep the kids away from sugary snackbar drinks by bringing your own water bottles. Fill with mostly ice so as it melts, the water stays colder longer.

  1. Daypack or beach bag

You’ll need something to carry it all. Lightweight daypacks work well. We like to have at least one with a built-in cooler section to keep fruit fresh and drinks cold.

  1. Bug spray

Warm weather typically means bugs are out. Protect yourself and your kids from biting flies, sand fleas, mosquitos and ticks. A bug spray may be worth bringing along, just in case.

Favorite Beach Hack: Zip Lock Bags

Bring a couple of sizes! These are so easy to pack and solve a lot of beach day challenges. Keep dry clothes dry and wet/sandy clothes away from everything else at the end of your day. They are useful or transporting swim diapers, snacks, sunscreen and much more.